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Nipper v3.x User Guide

Nipper from Titania is an award-winning auditing tool which quickly identifies undiscovered vulnerabilities in routers, switches and firewalls, automatically prioritizing risks to your organization.

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Nipper is typically installed and run from a workstation and most customers choose to manually retrieve their device configuration files, but there is support for network-based collection of configuration files for some of our most popular supported devices. Once collated, the configuration files are audited by the software and one or more reports are generated according to user’s choices.

Nipper is not a scanner and does not create network traffic by default. It is a configuration analyser which will significantly aid you in auditing infrastructure security, or as part of a penetration test.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a user’s guide to Nipper v3.x and is aimed at anyone new to Nipper or anyone who needs a refresher on the features. It may also be useful as a reference for users; however, the scope is limited by design to those who are less familiar with the software.

This User’s Guide is based on Nipper Release 3.4.2

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System Requirements

Should you have any further technical support questions about the software, please visit our contact page.

The use of Nipper software is subject to the acceptance of the license agreement.